Hendriks Family

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Theo Hendriks (1880 - 1962)

Born in the Dutch town of Bois-Le-Duc (now Hertogenbosch and often abbreviated to `s Bosch),  Theodore Johan Hubert Hendriks   trained as a hairdresser. His father Antoon Hendriks was a goldsmith by profession. Presumably Antoon had married Theo`s mother, Lucy Verbrugen sometime during the 1870s. Theo spoke a number of languages apart from his native Dutch - these included English, French, Walloon, German, Flemish and Spanish. He left his native Holland  to find work in England around the turn of the 20th century and took lodgings in St Pancras, London, not far from the home of Ada Satterthwaite who was later to become his wife (He at 115 Fortrose Road, she at 109). Family legend has it that he arrived in the UK with only the equivalent of a Guinea (1 10p) in his pocket and a pair of scissors. 


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Theo Hendriks (centre) with two unkown fellow hairdressers. It is alleged both these friends "died at sea". The circumstances are not known.The photograph was taken in the studio of J F Hennequin of Kerkstraat 130, in `s Bosch - probably around 1898


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Members of the hendriks family probably photographed towards the end of the 19th century by F W de Raad of Amsterdam. Left is Theo`s sister, Cisca with her two children Amelia and Emile. Seated right is Theo`s mother, Lucy.



Ada Satterthwaite (1884 - 1970), wife of Theo Hendriks, came from a typically large Victorian family which lived in the then desirable district of   St Pancras in London . She was a dressmaker by occupation.  This photograph was probably taken around 1900. She died on the 8th November 1970 at the MayDay Hospital in Croydon, South London.

See Satterthwaite Family below


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Theo and Ada Hendriks had two children. Daughter Leoni Lucy went on to marry Charles Edward Line a year before the outbreak of World War II. She died in 1998. Their son Anthony Robert, born in 1920, died a year later on the 11th April 1921 having contracted meningitis. He is buried at Highgate cemetery in North London in family grave 38825, Sq 139.

Theo`s professional name was "Mr Robert" and started, it is believed, in partnership with another hairdresser as "Charles and Robert" of  46 Dover Street, Lonmdon, W1. At around the end of The Great War, he and Ada lived at 36 Dalmeny Road in Tufnell Park and, at that time, was working at 47 Great Portland Street. He later worked for Helena Rubenstein in the West End of London.

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Satterthwaite Family

According to the 1901 Census the Satterthwaite family comprised  father James Satterthwaite (left) who was a court bailliff. He was born in 1850, his wife Ada (nee Pawsey) was born in 1860 at Cockfield in Suffolk. There were six children - Lilly, a violin teacher born in 1880, Elizabeth a dressmaker born in 1881, Norah a millener born in 1882, James, a professional cellist born in 1883, Ada a dressmaker born in 1884 and Joseph born in 1891. Other children not shown in the Census were either stillborn or died in infacy.


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